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Good old cartoon has taught us that we win every time we find some humor in a difficult situation. On the other hand, there’s the one about saying the truth to people. If you want to strike them with the truth, you better wrap it into humor. Otherwise, they’ll kill you. Or anything similar.

Comedy is way of living, the way of handling and approaching to everyday’s life and subtle, intriguing way of criticizing the world around us. It’s a form of art and you can find it in various forms and shapes. You may read some funny article or book, or choose comedy as a preferred movie genre for this Friday night, or you have surfed and watched tons of comic videos all over the internet.

However, when talking about comedy, people mostly have stand up comedians in mind. Carlin, Louis C.K., Izzard, Moran and many others who look like pure natural talents while making the audience laugh. They build their material around most various topics, using lucid ways of analyzing world around them, being fully open, direct and honest and creating their own, personal and unique way of interacting with the audience. Originality counts so much in the world of comedy, but personal expression of the stories based on a good acting is also essential.

people-laughingThis is why most of comedians keep their material for public appearances.

On the other hand, some humorists are better with the written words. They will construct a cleverly worded article about most various topics and make you think and laugh equally successful as if they were standing in front of you and acting before you. The blogosphere is a modern promising ground for these comedians.

“Sniff Pants” is a comedy blog designed to gather everyone connected with the world of comedy. Whether you are a “hard working comedian”, the one with lots of experience or the brand new beginner willing to learn and see what you’re made of, or anyone interested in reading various stories on comedy, you will find a collection of quality issues on this website.

The blog will discuss ideas and the process of hunting interesting topics for comedy stories, which takes much more time and effort than anyone out of that world would ever imagine. It will offer a collection of advice, tips and trick on how to improve your technique, rhetoric and diction, how to sharpen your stories, interact with listeners in a better and more effective way and many other matters useful for anyone interested in comedy. Many stories, videos and other forms of captured comic moments will be collected at one place online.

Also, the blog will gather comedians, experienced and the beginners and enable them to communicate and share experiences.

The most important aspect of the blog is certainly mere stories on comedy. Various formats and subjects and style, but all written with one final aim – to draw readers’ attention, make him laugh and trigger him to think. Since comedy is one of just few media formats where you can freely discuss taboo topics and controversial matters, readers are guaranteed to have adventurous time and lots of fun while exploring the blog.

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           Being funny is something we all like to be, but there are people who are simply better at this than others. Just like we cannot all be doctors or astronauts – not everybody is born a comedian, and this is a basic fact of life. This is the reason why some people who are good at this decide to go pro, and to become stand-up comedy artists or make people laugh by making movies and television series. However, since there are so many different personalities in the world – not everyone likes the same jokes, and some of us my find funny something that is perhaps vulgar or insulting to others, and this is the reason why we have so many different forms of comedy and people who practice those particular types.


 Just like in medicine, comedy has many branches and it can be divided into many areas, but the basic point remains the same. In medicine – to try and save lives, and in comedy – to make people laugh. That’s all there is to it, but various artists achieve this by various means and they develop styles which suit them and their targeted audience in the best possible way. But, they have to be careful, since audience is a very volatile material and it must be carefully nurtured. Just like having a pet, bearded dragon for example, you have to take care of your audience and “feed” them with jokes that are suitable for their “stomach”. By the way, for more info on how to take care of bearded dragons, visit

            Some comedy types are very old, and there are written records of them being used in ancient and classical times, mostly in Greece and Rome, but other cultures also used comedy to make people laugh and entertain their audiences. One of the oldest types of comedies is anecdotal, where comedy is achieved by telling personal experiences and slightly embellishing them to be interesting and exciting. A similar type is called banter, and this type of humor is usually present when there are more people in a room and they exchange jokes and witty remarks about each other. Popular television series such as are well-known for using this type of comedy. When a person has a personal trait or a characteristic which is so evident and unavoidable – comedy artists make fun of it by using burlesque or character comedy. In case they find such a feature about themselves, and they “make fun of themselves”, then they are using a type which is known as self-deprecating comedy. SeinfeldHowever, if they are heavily targeting other person’s performances or achievements and mocking them by impersonating them – they may be using parody as a type of comedy. This type is very common nowadays, especially in movie and music industry. In the older days of Hollywood, physical comedy, also known as slapstick, was used to make people laugh by mocking violence and actors pretending to be bodily harmed, but some modern stand-up comedians are using a completely different version – they do not change their expression or posture after telling a joke and this is called deadpan or dry comedy.

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